A YouTube Music client for Android and Desktop I've been working on since August 2022. I've implemented useful queue manipulation features, as well as language and metadata customisation options.


How it started

Before SpMp I had been using the official YouTube Music client on both desktop and mobile, more or less exclusively. Over time, however, I grew less and less patient because of reasons including (but not limited to) these:

  • Complete lack of customisability
  • Very little creativity or flair in its visual or functional design
  • Missing lyrics for most songs, and (at the time) no synchronisation
  • Bloated and not open-source
  • Desktop/browser version is particularly buggy and unpolished

An example of that last one: When you try to remove a song from the queue, YouTube Music will sometimes decide to instead remove the current song instead. This happened as I was writing this, so I thought I'd mention it.

I tried a few alternatives, including Spotify and ViMusic, but nothing ticked all of the boxes I was hoping to fill.

While I did briefly consider forking a project like ViMusic, I felt like there was so much that I wanted to add that I would be better off starting with a blank canvas and coming out with a better understanding of what I’d created. And surely it would only take me a few months anyway (this was in August of 2022).

How it’s going

In early-mid 2023, after well over half a year of development, I completely stopped using YouTube Music on Android in favour of SpMp. Hopefully, I’ll be able to leave it behind on desktop as well once I complete SpMp’s own desktop version.

You can read more about SpMp’s development in ./journey.

What does “SpMp” stand for?

SpMp was originally a combination the first two letters of my old username “spectreseven1138” and “music player”. Hence:

Sp + Mp = SpMp = spectreseven1138 music player

Very creative, I know.